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Strategies for Meaningful Reading

Reading for meaning is like playing a sport where you must actively engage in the game and use strategies to understand your opponent. When reading with your child, use these helpful strategies to help them be a “winning reader”.

Make Connections- Help your child make meaningful connections to the text by activating their background knowledge (what they already know).

Try modeling for your child…  Text - to - Self connections require a reader to think about how they relate to the text.  Text - to - Text connections require a reader to think about the text they are reading and one that was previously read.  Text - to - World connections require a reader to think about what they are reading and how it relates to the world.

Questioning- Asking questions before, during and after your child reads requires them to think more deeply about the text.

Try with your child…  Before reading - What do you think will happen in the story? Why do you think that? What do you think you already know about this topic or story?

During Reading - Can you predict what will happen next? If you were that character, how would you feel? What are you wondering as you read? Think about the predictions you made before you read, are they coming true?

After Reading - Tell me what happened in the story in order. Why did the author write this book? . What was the problem/ solution in the stor. How did the characters change through out the story?

• Visualizing- Visualization helps your child engage with the text to make it more personal and memorable. As they are reading, they are creating pictures in their mind like a movie helping them read more meaningful and with a purpose. • Inferring- Making inferences while reading is when a reader “reads between the lines”. By using evidence such as picture and contextual clues, readers will make guesses, draw conclusions, make predictions, and define unknown words.

• Synthesizing- As your child reads, they will gather more information to change their thinking. Assist them by asking questions to help more

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